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Michelle Napier-Dunnings’ Story

There is so much wisdom locked inside each of us. . . wisdom that, all too often, our logical minds cannot unearth or translate.

Michelle’s awareness of the above truth surfaced through her work as an arts educator and professional actress. She was Director of Education at Michigan State University's Wharton Center for Performing Arts for 10 years (1985-1995). During that time, she developed a successful school and family series as well as outreach programs which not only brought international art performances to children throughout mid-Michigan, but also taught educators how to integrate those experiences into the teaching of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

This "wisdom truth" began taking shape in those classroom workshops. Teachers, who felt completely void of artistic talent, explored non-threatening ways to experience the arts. As creativity was touched, new teaching methods sprang through their current techniques ~ connecting their children to the myriad of possibilities lying outside in the collective and within each individual child.

As Michelle raised money for these programs, businesses were drawn not only to the value of these programs for children, but for employees of their businesses as well. As we have all heard, nothing is constant but change. This need for creative exploration and the search for wisdom within a project team, leadership group, etc. are as important as ever.

Michelle decided to take these learnings into the corporate world. Project Innovations, Inc., a facilitation, training, and consulting firm outside Detroit, MI offered her that opportunity. Michelle opened a branch office in Lansing, MI in 1995 and shortly after became a minority owner. She has worked with a variety of industries over the past 15 years (including Engineering firms, Telecommunications companies, Start-ups, State departments, Health organizations and Community service agencies).

In addition, Michelle’s life path has been built upon a pre-med. undergraduate degree (Earlham College), an MFA in theatre performance (Virginia Commonwealth University), and a professional acting and teaching career.

In 2003, Pearl Partners LLC was formed with the mission of helping others find the energy to move towards success by creatively tapping the wisdom within each individual. Pearl Partners strategically works with clients and other service providers to create energized plans and implementation strategies that will benefit all involved.